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Yaare yaare

Now that Jess has already posted I don't have an excuse anymore. I've been putting it off too, but that's because I really never thought about all of this before, not in so much detail. If you can call this detail...

What about anime appeals to you?
Well, it was the animation that drew me into it. It's just so more realistic and different from American animation, or any other type of animation. I love the music and the voice acting, but the main thing is the guys. Everything about them IS JUST SO SEXY. Great character designs, great seiyuus, and GREAT personalities. You just can't get guys like that anywhere, not in real life or in movies, sometimes not even in good books. No, the closest thing to bishies are the cosplayers. The seiyuus really add to it. American VA's just can't compare, though there *are* some good dubbed anime out there. Saiyuki I just love in both english and japanese, and Dragonball Z...Well, the japanese version is more painful than the english when it comes to that series.

The music is another major reason I like anime. Not just the soundtrack music, but the image songs. They open up a whole new way of looking at the characters. And the angst is probably a reason that *everyone* has for watching anime. Yeah, people love angst. It's so fun to watch your favorite characters go through painful things and come out on top. Am I still making sense?

Why Gundam Wing? What about the series appeals to you? What drew you in?
I haven't watched much of it, but it makes for good fanfiction, and good slash. I mean, five angsty guys all in one--it's just hot. It's always been very popular. GW was one of the first animes I ever heard about when I first got into it. A lot of people love it and *everyone* knows about it, so it's hard not to be influenced.

And, what about slash appeals to you? What drew you in, why do you like it?
Basically what Kat and Jess said, because it's forbidden and not exactly smiled upon, and the fact that the characters just don't give a shit. Most of the time. I'm not as interested in slash when it's so very canon, or when it's actually a part of the plot. It's much funner and more exciting to pair characters together yourself. I think it's a girl thing. Most girls enjoy a good love story. Unless it's something like Romeo and Juliet, het stories just aren't as fun.

There is also the kinky part. Ya know, handcuffs and leather. The part where you get to see the good guys 'used and abused'. That's probably about right for my age, huh? Not that I'm calling the rest of you *old*. I'm really not, I just don't want you to think it's weird that I've been into slash since I was 13. :P You'd think because of that I'd have more to say, but I'm not good at sorting out my thoughts. I hope you get something from this. =\
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