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Week 2 - and a new layout

Ah we have a new layout! Thanks be to Kat, who is extremely busy, but took time out to make the community purrrty (although I'm betting it was far more fun than homework anyway.. and I mean, it has Trowa who could not enjoy that??).

So updates - because I want to get in the habit of doing this, even if I don't have anything to update.

I have to keep a field journal each week... right now it's summing up basically what I did over Christmas. But, once I get all of that caught up, it's going to be summarizing what has happened each week... e.g. so-and-so updated this fic, general description, this words/pages, this many reviews. Or, so-and-so gave this art to so-and-so, features these characters, general description, etc. Also a brief summary of any interactions I have... through reviews, through chatting, whatever. If any of you object to me including you in the journal, feel free to tell me (= Some anthropologists are horridly sneaky, saying "oh well if it's published on a public space (such as the internet), then you don't need to ask permission." Technically... that's true. Even IRB says that. I personally think that's unethical, promotes distrust, and just goes against everything anthropology should be. To me, if you have a trusting relationship with your informants (esp in my case since I am a fan), you should always ask permission. And if you don't have a relationship, you should somehow make a general announcement on what you are doing, what you'd like do, and offer people the chance to opt out of it.

So yeah, long explanation saying if you don't want to be in my fieldjournals, just say so and it's completely fine by me. I try to be very respectful in what I do include, keeping names confidential (you guys are all letters right now, until I can get each of you individually to agree on what you want to be called - which i hope will be soon since I am easily confused), etc. My prof reads the journals, but she doesn't understand anything I say anyway, so I'm not sure how big an issue it is with her. But I play it safe and respectful regardless.

But, lately my journal has been rambles about the dilemmas I have of balancing being a fan vs. being a research. Etic and emic.. outsider/insider, etc. It likely isn't as complicated as it seems to me, but I just worry about people thinking I'm only participating for research, or something like that.

This week has been filled with utter happiness, though. Tons of fics were updated, causing the fan in me massive happiness.

Anyway, this is a community. I opted to go for the community route so you guys can contribute (which I'd love) anything you'd like... insights, thoughts, suggestions, whatever interests you.
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