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Let's see if I can be partially productive first thing in the day (it's technically been the afternoon for the past 20 minutes, but still waiting for the two cups of coffee to kick in).

Hahaha, I think what's surprising is not so much that people talk to you, but that there are actually OTHER people who are as well versed and hold the same fascination in slash as you do. :P

So, whatever. I'm not quite awake yet so the possible repurcussions that you've threatened us with is kind of "eh" to me. What better time to at least satisfy my curiosity with this new set of questions?

What about anime appeals to you?
The pretty drawings. The pretty bishies. The angst. The musical scores. The colors and the pretty landscapes. The angst. The sometimes overwhelming and blinding eye candy. The angst. The sexy white-haired bishies. ... and you just don't get the same deep sexy voice castings in "normal" cartoons. Sexy angsty bishies....

For me, I have three main requirements before getting into an anime. 1) I have to like the anime style. How they're drawn. In layman's term: is there a good supply of good lookin' bishies who hold their katanas in an uber-cool fashion? 2) Music. Anime allows me to be shallow. After visual appeal, I must also like what I hear. It's why once you watch a subbed anime, there's really no turning to dubbed. Dubbed anime is painful. North America has yet to grasp the proper casting technique for seiyuus. Or perhaps they do, but in spite they always cast the most annoying, most stuck-up sounding voice actors out there. They bring tears to my eyes and make my ears bleed. 3) Angst. While the first two lure me in, it's the angst that really hooks me. Superbly angsty storyline with a fairly regular supply of blood and angst and slashy innuendo is a must. The more of all of these factors, the more fanatical I get. Especially if it's cannon. Of course, regular inserts of bitter-sweet and tragic/forbidden romance, hysterical comedy relief, and the whole 'for love, honor, dignity and the beliefs I uphold and fight for' war kaboodle are also highly recommended.

Gosh I love my Naruto.

Most specifically, why Gundam Wing?
Because that's your obsession and you are using your research to - in an indirect and seemingly non-hostile way - force it upon us. Though I'd like to think I am proving to be more resistant than others. :P You no Naruto, I no GW.

What about the series appeals to you?
Well, ever since that dream... Trowa. Yep, Trowa.

What drew you in?
You! YOU!

And, what about slash appeals to you? What drew you in, why do you like it?
It is the forbidden fruit. The affair. The longing looks, the compromising positions, the smoldering close-ups and almost-kisses... the thrill of the "what if they.." Haha, like what pretty much every show on Showcase after 10 tries to aim for. That guilty pleasure factor.
And of course, there is the sex. Slash isn't slash without the sex. And hey, if guys find two girls kissing hot, why not girls and two boys kissing? And then some?

Haha, ohh, did you really expect me to start off with something formal? I'd like to think though that this is an appropriate start. For me, anyway. Something to work up on. Just, ya know, going first and all. Go ahead, throw your worst at me! I dare you to hold me to these responses! Hahahaha....
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